Face IT@home

Online Support Tool For People With A Visible Difference


In 2012 The Centre for Appearance research at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol launched their new online support tool for adults with disfigurements - ‘Face IT'. Face IT is an 8 week programme which helps users to manage negative reactions to their appearance by building social skills and self-confidence and to challenge their negative assumptions and thoughts about their appearance and how others view them by using cognitive behavioural strategies.

The program was developed by Dr Alyson Norman, University of Plymouth (previously UWE) and was sponsored by the charity Changing Faces. Face IT has been tested and found to be effective in a small randomised controlled trial (Bessell et al, 2012). Since 2012 the program has been available to Health Professionals through license to use with their clients.

Since then Dr Alyson Norman has continued to develop the program. The University of Plymouth and University of the West of England plan to launch a new version of the program early in 2017. This version of the tool will be available in a similar way through health professionals. Additionally, the tool will also be available through charity organisations, GP referral and to potential users privately through self-referral.

The University of Plymouth is currently undergoing a final testing process to ensure the program is ready for launch next year. If you are a health professional or an adult with an altered or different appearance, would you like to be involved in the testing process? We are looking for people to spend some time viewing parts of the program at home and then take part in an online survey and a telephone interview about your experiences using the tool.

If you are interested in taking part, or are interested in knowing more about Face IT, please contact Dr Alyson Norman, 01752 584844, alyson.norman@plymouth.ac.uk for more details.