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Information for Health Professionals About Face IT@home

Making a referral to Face IT@home

Using CAR's tiered approach to psycho-social support provision, which recognises that interventions should be available at different levels of intensity to meet various levels of need (see Figure 1), we intend Face IT@home to be a Level 1-2 intervention.

It therefore does not require supervision. The Face IT online tool (www.faceitonline.org.uk) in a level 3 intervention and therefore requires supervision from a psychologist, counsellor or suitably trained health professional.

If you have a patient that you think might benefit from Face IT@home or FaceItonline, please contact us:

Tel: 01752 584844

Email: info@faceitonline.org.uk

CAR Framework

Who can refer people to Face IT@home?

People can be referred to Face IT@home by Health Professionals (for example: psychologists, social workers, specialist nurses, hospital doctors and GP's) and by charitable organisations who currently provide psychosocial advice and support for appearance-related conditions, for example Changing Faces. People can also self-refer.

Who can use Face IT@home?

The program has been designed for:

The program is not suitable for those:

For further information please contact Alyson Norman, Lead Researcher.

E-mail: alyson.norman@plymouth.ac.uk.

Tel: 01752 584844

E-mail: info@faceitonline.org.uk

Further Reading

For further reading about Face IT@home including details of the theoretical model it is based on please download the PDF below:

Face IT Explained