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FaceIT@Home Terms and Conditions

Recipients should not rely on the material or information in this website as the basis for making or not making any treatment, business, legal, personal, financial or other decisions. Recipients should consult an appropriate professional for specific advice. University of Plymouth make no representations and give no warranties as to the content of the material or the information contained in the web site for any purpose. Any reliance which Recipients place on the material or information in this website is strictly at their own risk. This website is designed for use by individuals with appearance-related distress ONLY. It is advised to seek supervision from an appropriately trained health professional. Using the tool without such supervision is undertaken at the user’s own risk.

The personal information collected on this site will be processed by Dataphiles and stored on the FaceIT@home website. Data processing will take place in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. Data provided by users will be passed to the University of Plymouth for data monitoring purposes. All data will be anonymised to protect the identities of individuals. We will hold your data securely and not make it available to any third party unless permitted or required to do so by law.

1. Purpose for collecting the information and to whom the information will be disclosed.

2. How long the information will be kept/when it will be destroyed.

All unidentifiable data held by the University of Plymouth will be held for five years from receipt.

3. Where the information will be stored and how secure it will be.

Our third party provider of the FaceIT@home tool is Dataphiles. The data is stored by Dataphiles’ appointed service provider inline with the ISO27001 information security standards and data handling best practices.

Unidentifiable data will be stored on University of Plymouth servers and will be accessed via a password protected University of Plymouth secure laptop from data analysis. The data held by University of Plymouth will contain no identifiable information such as name, age, address or email address.